Corporate Profile - Future Plans

Thinking beyond the conventions of Architecture has always been the trademark of Span. Conversion of dreams and imaginations into reality is what Span has mastered over the past decades and promises to continue doing so.

Over the coming years, Span will be focusing on Turnkey projects where the work will be taken up from scratch and every possible aspect like conceptual design, structural detailing, landscaping, construction and interiors will be handled to perfection until the very point that the key is handed over to a satisfied customer.

Span is also cogitating on the future projects like Span Peak- an activity which is very close to the heart of the M.D Mr. Nasser Aziz.

Another of such massive projects is The Span Bungalows where beautiful, grand bungalows personally designed and executed by the chief architect and M.D Mr. Nasser Aziz will be constructed at selected locations across the whole of Bangalore North assisted by the company’s own team. These uniquely crafted and designed villas and duplex houses will be executed and sold elitely to the M.D’s discretion. Each bungalow will be different in style, material usage and layouts, while the only thing that will remain common among all these houses is their confirmation to the fundamentals of the vastu principles.

Span is focusing on broadening its horizon with the addition of yet another feather in its hat by introducing Span Education which consists of pre-schools, schools and colleges under the brand name “Span Public School”. Architectural and Interior finishing schools for graduate and under graduate tudents which would help them get an introduction to the practical side of their career.

A country’s success directly depends on its economical growth. The economy of a country largely banks on the commutational network stipulated by transportation facilities offered by it which is primarily of three forms- land, air and water. For the domestic infrastructural growth, land transport growth is highly essential. Considering the potential in the sector, Span has launched Span Infra, an infrastructure company launched in the year 2009. Span Infra, consisting of a pool of highly qualified Civil Engineers and Architects, are going to be working on many infrastructural projects and will be taking up many more such challenging projects as it promises to grow along with the resurging infrastructural needs of the future India.